Frame Tents

With no center poles, these tents can be installed on pavements, grass, patios, and decks.

14x14 tent

Seats 10-24


20x20 tent

Seats 25-40


20x30 tent

Seats 40-60


20x40 tent

Seats 60-80


30x60 tent

Seats 120-180

Call for price

Tent Side Walls

Side walls are optional.

They are not included in the price of the tent.

Cathedral Window Side Walls $1.50 per foot


60" Round

Seats 8-10

$10.00 each

8' Banquet

Seats 8-10

$10.00 each


Samsonite Folding $1.50 each


Globe Lights


Dimmer Switch


Tent Heater

Customer is responsible for propane and electricity to unit

Propane Heater $100.00